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Hawaiian books and novels

Books and Hawaiian Novels by Jerre Tanner and Kate Winter

BOY WITH GOLDFISH NOVELJERRE TANNER#JT-BWG - Boy With Goldfish a novel by Jerre Tanner - Paperack - ISBN 9781720568216


Boy With Goldfish: a heroic fantasy for young adults based on ancient Hawaiian mythology. Imagine an all-ocean world where there are no continents, only occasional widely-special islands. Imagine demigods creating these places from the murky depths, destined to then aimlessly float in the oceanic void where experimental scenarios unfold for their amusement. And think of a small child, naked and asleep, abandoned in a misty upland tropical forest, dreaming of a hero's quest but caught in the deities' caprice. Such is the fate of our hero, the Boy of the title.

Tanner's love for the Hawaiian Islands, his home for over 50 years, carries well into this literary work.

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Marietta Holley: Life With 'Josiah Allen's Wife'Lost Twain, A Novel Of Hawai`i, (Fiction/Historical)The Woman In The Mountain

The Woman In The Mountain

Through the lives and the works of seven Adirondack Mountain women writers, Winter illuminates the links between the landscape and the female imagination. This is a fresh contribution to the exploration of gender, genre, and landscape. At the same time, through the biographical detail and reproduction of hard-to-find works, this book offers an engaging literary journey for readers of nature literature and wilderness enthusiasts.

Marietta Holley: Life With "Josiah Allen's Wife"

Winner of the John Ben Snow Prize, this is the biography of the writer known as "The Female Mark Twain" because of her use of homespun dialect humor and her association with Twain's publishers.

Lost Twain, A Novel Of Hawai`i, (Fiction/Historical)

Her latest book, Lost Twain, A Novel Of Hawai`i, takes place on the Island of Maui about a journalist (Mark Twain) who suddenly ceased sending his dispatches back to California only to resume six weeks later without explanation. The novel explores the lure of 'going native' and our 'civilized' resistance to it.

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