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About Us - Who we are...

We are a unique Hawaiian company whose primary focus is on quality Hawaiian products. Our Hawaiian products are sourced from small local businesses and individuals. All of our products are available for purchase on-line and we do not have a physical walk-in storefront. (A major reason we are able to pass on substantial savings to our customers due to low overhead!)

Our devotion to promoting Hawaiian Products has earned us the reputation of making available unique Made In Hawai`i products on the World Wide Internet. The majority of our Hawaiian products are not mass-produced.

The majority of our products are produced on the Big Island of Hawaii, and are handcrafted by small independent crafts persons, artists, woodturners, and senior citizens, who devote many hours of labor and love to their finished product. Specialty items are made for us under our supervision and specifications. A very limited number of items produced elsewhere for quality and cost assurance, and done so only by qualified sources or former Hawaiian residents who are familiar with Hawaiian products, materials, and culture. This not only ensures authenticity and quality, but also enables us to promote Hawaiian products at a reasonable price.

We put in a lot of love, dedication, and pride into our work and how we interact with customers. We strive to do what's pono (proper) in our service and the products we offer.

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Our Early Beginnings...

In 1997 Hale Akamai Consulting of San Francisco (HAC/SF) was established by Big Islander, Ric "Likeke" Bumanglag. He started the business in San Francisco to help support the growing Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities in California, Nevada, and Pacific Northwest.

In 1998, his kokua led to the formation of two Northern California Hawaiian internet entities: Hale Akamai Consulting of San Francisco, and its small business web site design services, Smartdotcom.com of Hawai`i. From there, HACSF/Smartdotcom began its development of the Big Island public benefit web site, IAKAMAI.COM, assisting Hawaiian and Polynesian organizations throughout the world get on the Internet free.

In 2003 we launched CaptainPicard.com (the site you are currently on), a web site promoting affordable Made in Hawai`i products to U.S. Mainland visitors and Pacific Islanders living abroad.

In 2007 we relocated our main office to Kailua-Kona on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai`i to be close to our product sources. The move consolidated the services of SmartDotCom.com, IAKAMAI.COM, and CaptainPicard.com under one roof.

In 2012--We transitioned IAKAMAI.COM from a public benefit website to a focus on Original Hawaiian art. For the first time the stunning artwork of noted Kohala artist, Reuben b (The Art of Kohala), was made available on the World Wide Web. IAKAMAI.COM was redesigned and became the artist's official web site managed by Smartdotcom.com of Hawai`i.

In 2023 We began and upgrade to our websites to make them more suitable for smartphone ordering by streamlining the products we sell. We now focus on a handful of specific products that convey the Aloha and Beauty that is Hawai`i.

Today, more than ever, we continue to thrive by focusing on unique local Hawaiian products, affordable web design services for small and Independent Hawaiian businesses, and the perpetuation of authentic Big Island-centric Hawaiian art.

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How Can We Sell Quality Products At Such Affordable Prices?

In a phrase, "by maintaining a low overhead"! By selling our products only via our on-line store we reduce overhead expenses and pass on the savings to you. Other suppliers sell through multi-level marketing methods that require expensive advertising, equipment, high infrastructure, and sales personnel.

We are an ohana business (family-owned) staffed by hardworking family members and friends who like what they do. We provide personalized service and respond to all inquiries. We have no call centers or off-shore customer service, nor do we track your buying habits or sell your information to others! What we do offer is good, quality products at reasonable prices (under $50 in many cases), and honest helpful service. That's it. No tricks; no gimmicks! And you don't have to "open an account" or "become a member" in order to use a credit card!

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Business Hours?

We are available on an Aloha Schedule. If we are unable to take your call, you are automatically directed to our 24 hr. Aloha Message Center. We respond to our customers quickly, personally, and professionally.

Each year we close down for a short period of time to conduct our annual internal audit. During that time we also search for new, affordable Hawaiian products that seldom make it to the U.S. Mainland and world markets.

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How To Make Your Products Available Through Our Web Site (Hawai`i Product Suppliers Only)?

We are selective in the products we sell on our web sites. If you would like us to consider offering your products on a consignment basis, please feel free to contact us. We are primarily interested in products made in Hawai`i (especially on the Big Island of Hawai`i) by independent local arts and crafts folks, Hawaiian small or family-owned businesses, or individuals whose products are considered "Hawaiian" or "Hawaii-centric." 99% of our products are sourced from Hawai`i or made by current/former Hawaiian residents.

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Our Promise...

We take every precaution to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and value. In the event you have a need to contact us for any concerns, you will always be treated with respect and Aloha!

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Please use good judgement when providing personal or financial information to sources you do not trust! If you have any questions regarding your personal information, please contact us and an Aloha Representative will assist you.

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Here Are Some Things WE DON'T DO:

We don't surprise you with unexpected high delivery charges. We always show your delivery charges BEFORE sending your order.

We don't do social media. We do business the old fashioned way: personal, respectful, helpful with a website that doesn't have annoying popup marketing ads.

We don't use fancy (and expensive) order processing store fronts. Threrefore, our prices are lower than most e-tailers of Hawaiian products.

We don't require you to "open or create an account" in order to order from us.

Unlike many e-tailers we don't collect information on your shopping experience/habits or try to upsell you when an item is temporarily unavailable.

We don't share your credit information with others. Once your order is confirmed and processed we retain an off-line copy of your order in a secure environment in case there are any questions after you receive your order. These records are eventually destroyed.

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Incoming Calls?

We make every effort to answer your call. In the event we are unable, you may use our 24 hour Message Center Line 808.327.9792 to have an Aloha Representative assist you. By limiting incoming phone calls, we are able to reduce our overhead expenses and therefore able to continue to provide you our low. low on-line prices.

Business Licences and Company Registration?

We are licensed by the State of Hawai`i (GEID Bus. Lic. #W04814790-01).


Unless otherwise noted, all items will be shipped USPS Mail with USPS Delivery Tracking in most cases. We will ship Priority Mail or FedEx upon request for an additional fee. Customer assumes all risks and responsibility if there is no one available to accept ANY shipment at its destination. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF CARRIER CHOOSES TO LEAVE SHIPMENT AT THE DOOR, PORCH, OR WITH ANY OTHER PLACE/PERSON.

We ship to U.S. postal zones only and do not ship International at this time.


Although we do our best to accomodate customer requests for a particular delivery date, we cannot guarantee the carrier will deliver a shipment on time or on a specific date. Deliveries are dependent upon the method of shipment, transport/weather conditions, and destination. For example, although FedEx is one of the more dependable carriers, there is no guarantee it will be delivered as promised. Therefore, customers specifying a particular delivery date assumes all risks involved and refunds are not permitted under such circumstances.

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